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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Panasonic Announces PRW150 handset with Android 4.0


Panasonic , the leader in Tech seven consecutive years in the home phone, digital cordless phone presents PRW150 , the phone 2 in 1 (fixed and smartphone) in a single model. Touchscreen and a design and functionality of a Smartphone own the latest technology. It is a phone for people who like to be trendy and have the most innovative technology. For example, you not only make calls from landline, but also has all the functions that allows a tablet or a smartphone such as checking email, video calls, installed apps, access social networks, etc.. This is thanks to the PRX110 has an operating system Android 4.0 …continue reading

Samsung officially confirms Galaxy Note 3 in red, pink and gold


Samsung has officially confirmed the existence of two new versions of the terminal. Right here we said this morning that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would be available in two new versions, but still was not anything official. Now it is, and already we have pictures of these new versions, red and pink gold.   In the country of silver were officially released two new versions that will be available on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 . As we mentioned this morning , the technical specifications of the smartphone does not vary, so continue to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core with 3GB RAM. The only variation is in the colors. The red …continue reading

Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Broadcom will launch 64-bit processors in 2014


Apple was the first company to launch a smartphone with a processor architecture with 64-bit . And they are all companies prepared to launch its own 64-bit processors that can be used on smartphones with Android. Qualcomm, Nvidia and Broadcom are the three main. Qualcomm is undoubtedly the most successful company is right now in the world of mobile processors. The Snapdragon S4 was one of the best processors in 2013, together with the Snapdragon S4 Turned Pro quad-core. However, the Snapdragon 800 has been key to the success of the American company, having no rival by any other company. Qualcomm is one that has more to lose …continue reading

Fix For your Android Phone Crashes?

It would be great news that all users have a mobile with 3 GB RAM and a processor of new generation. But the truth is that the vast majority of users have mobile Android with 512MB RAM memory or 1 GB as much, and one or two processor cores, generating numerous blockades on the smartphone. What to do in each case? Before we begin I must say that this article is dedicated to beginners. That is, that those users that you have knowledge of Android will not find anything new here, but users who have no idea why your phone is slow or what they …continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Grand Lite, a new handset with 5-inch screen


Appears to be something more than a couple of months could hit the market a new mid-range phone: the Samsung Galaxy Grand Lite  . This model, it seems, would be presented at the Mobile World Congress 2014 held in Barcelona and, therefore, confirm the good moment that this product range. The Samsung Galaxy Grand Lite would have a screen 5 inches with a resolution WVGA (800 x 468), so we should not expect a high quality image, for example, would not reach offered by the Motorola Moto G (720p), which has become a reference in the mid-range mobile phone product. In the section on the combination of …continue reading

Report : Owners of mobile widescreen consume 44% more data

For some time this part of the phones with larger screens are in fashion. In fact, a type of unknown device until relatively recently, the phablets have increasingly greater acceptance and increased demand from some users increasingly willing to abandon the computer or laptop to make use of other devices .In this sense, a study has shown the existence of a relationship between the larger screen smartphone and increased consumption of data by the user. Turning on phablets and to get an idea of the importance of the big screens are having on the mobile telephony market, note that in the third quarter of …continue reading

Android 4.4 KitKat Update for LG G2 Will arrive in March

The LG G2 is the latest release of the South Korean company, being a smartphone that shares many features with the Nexus 5, as they are manufactured by the same company. However, there is an essential difference, the firmware. While the Nexus 5 already has Android 4.4 KitKat, the LG G2 could not receive the update until March of next year 2014. The launch of a new version of firmware by Google always a lot of work for different companies. On the one hand, are required to upgrade, because otherwise users will question you are not saying that companies that support their smartphones. On the other …continue reading

If Your Galaxy S4 does not have Google Edition KitKat? Get it here


Yesterday we announced the start of the distribution of the OTAupdate to Android 4.4 KitKat for Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition . In fact, as recently as a couple of days also released the kernel of the latest mobile operating system Google for limited editions of the flagships of Samsung and HTC .Logically, if you’re one of the lucky ones who has a Galaxy S4devoid of TouchWiz and bloatware vario is that expect to receive the update. Anyway if patience is not one of your strengths,Android Help let’s have a cable informing you what to do to get the coveted chocolate . Again, we thank the people of xda-developers put within reach the possibility of bringing Android 4.4 KitKat to …continue reading

Android 4.4 for Sony Xperia Z, T and V 11 thanks to CyanogenMod

The version Android 4.4 and can be installed on the Sony Xperia Z, T and V, but not with the official firmware from the manufacturer, but a version of CyanogenMod ROM 11. Thus, again, these developers manufacturers themselves forward in its bid with the operating system known as KitKat. Specifically, the set of programmers who posted the specific ROM Android 4.4 is known as FreeXperia, which is one of the most active in terms of the development of the terminals of Sony (which is evident, on the other hand). Of course, this, like therecently announced Samsung Galaxy S4, is not a final and stable version …continue reading

Thor: The Dark World, Marvel hero comes to your Android

The game Thor: The Dark World comes at a perfect time, as the second film in the series who plays Chris Hemsworth is just the same now in theaters. Therefore, you can enjoy this adventure in an Android terminal with the same characters and the same goal, to defeat the dark elf Malekith. So you have to perform all kinds of actions are often violent in order to save Thor’s home planet and also the rest of the universe … well, a mission with important, but that it is a superhero. Yes, it has all the force of this character and also the weapon …continue reading

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